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Distinguish yourself from the competition! It is becoming increasingly important to distinguish oneself by presenting its products with eye-catching and innovative ideas in competition


Benefit from high-quality product photos of bottles, food, technology, cosmetics and other small items.
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Present your products as optimally as possible. We use the best position to put your product in the right light!
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Based on the Hollowman montage your garment appears real! Support the imagination of your customers!
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Color authenticity, brilliance and gloss must also be displayed online. Our post production polishes your jewelry to a high gloss!
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So that every detail of the shoes is recognized, we also photograph them in top quality and different positions. Anyone can easily!
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Whether watches, scarves or belts! We have the right equipment to optimally display your accessories for the webshop.
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Product photography - our process at a glance

We photograph your product cheaply and quickly as you need it!
Our inclusive services

Single photo according to individually desired shooting angle  Output format: JPG;PNG – cut free and forma-filling  Output size: 3000 x 3000 px; 300 dpi or according to your specifications • Picture lettering according to you wishes – article number, model number • Supply of images via Dropbox, WeTransfer, 3W SAFEBOX of Ffp server

3W FOTO technique

Years of experience and high-quality technology for your online success

Our 3W FOTO team has been in photography for many years. Our camera technology is therefore based exactly on the requirements for product photos. To be able to photograph from various angles, we use the tablet as an additional screen. So we can also directly control the quality and effect of the images.
Small to medium sized products are photographed in our high quality lightbox. Especially for packshots this is the ideal solution. All articles are created with a pure white background and in a standardized position. Thus, a high number of product images can be realized in a very short time. For larger products, our photo studio can be used. Here we work with professional lighting equipment and tripods, which are adjustable on different levels.
For Hollowman montages we use configurable dolls. Both male and female figures are available here for the photography of your goods. In addition to these tools, we also have a wide range of brackets and uprights that allow all desired positioning from rings to bags and scarves. We have the right one for you!
Contact us for extensive information and an individual offer and have your pictures professionally and quickly created by our 3W FOTO team. Save time and money for a customer-friendly website!

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RAW-Format Produktfoto Technik Kamera
Individual setting for your products
Crisp product images
Photos every second for our 24/7 production
Optimal focal length

Image clipping and digital image processing

Our graphic designers are professionals in the field of clipping and image editing. With their help, we can additionally offer desired processes.

Shadow & Mirror Effects

On request, we add shadows or mirror effects to your clipped photos. See for yourself how much more appealing and high-quality a picture works through these additions!

Ebay & Amazon Optimization

We know the different standards for product images exactly and help you to present your products according to the guidelines in order to maximize your sales success.

Change color

We will clipping any desired area, application or seam. You either receive a finished result according to your color sample or you use our multipath service for further processing.


Our high-end retouching goes beyond the classic image optimization of white balance or contrast. We can add color and light gradients, remove the smallest defects such as scratches or glue residues, we add or remove objects, everything exactly to your specifications and wishes.

Services / Full-Service

Save time and money and hand over the work to us. We take care of the smooth running of the entire process, from the receipt of your goods to the optimal product images that you can use directly.

Produktfoto Icon Bildbearbeitung

High resolution product images

All pictures are delivered to you in the highest quality and web optimized. Depending on the reuse, we can provide them in various formats for you.

Produktfotografie Icon Skalieren

Remove Background

We undertake extensive clipping tasks for you. Our professional team is familiar with the most complex products!

Produktfoto Icon Farbretusche

Contrast & Color Authenticity

Our 3W FOTO team specializes in making your products as real and color authentic as possible. You get perfect digitization.

Produktfotografie Icon Vergrößern Verkleinern

Scale images

Give us your required format and we will deliver the product photos in the desired scale. Paste without reworking!

Produktfoto Icon Postproduktion

Retouch/Digital image processing

Together with our graphic artists, we will remove the smallest interfering elements and provide you with convincing product photos based on digital image processing.

Produktfoto Icon Nutzungsrechte

Transfer of rights of use

We transfer the rights of use after delivery and payment of the pictures. Our service stands for safety, professionalism and customer satisfaction!

Product photography request


High-quality product photography for the perfect appearance

Product photography is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to the decreasing attention span of many customers and the ever-increasing competition, your products must already be convincing at first glance. If you want to create a product photo, you must be aware of the many different approaches. In any case, it’s easier and more effective to hire a product photography professional. When we create your product images, you’ll love the quality of the shots and the impact of the new product photos. This enthusiasm will also be shared by your customers. The use of high-quality product photos and packshots can have a lasting effect on the sales figures of your products in both online and offline media.

Professional product pictures: convince by quality

Quality plays an important role in photos. Especially with product images, which should convey various information due to their appearance. After all, product images not only act as a meaningful description for a product, but are also understood as the brand message of a company. Accordingly, it is important to choose high-quality product images and to make the customer’s own portfolio as palatable as possible. Through the targeted use of sharp and vivid product photos, you can make your product portfolio significantly more attractive and considerably simplify the purchase decision for the customer.

Many industries benefit from high quality product photography

For a long time, the fashion industry in particular relied on high-quality and professionally designed product images to convince customers of the quality of their own offers. However, this has changed significantly in recent years. Not least because of the increasing popularity of online shops and the resulting increase in competition. High-quality and well-made product photos clearly set you apart from your competitors and give you a clear competitive edge. Many industries even rely on high quality product photos. A good example is the food industry. Here, the products must not only be well photographed, but also have a stimulating and extremely appealing effect on the customer. It must be achieved when viewing the images an effect on the customer, which triggers an incentive to buy. This can not be done with bad pictures. We as professionals know with which methods we present the most different products suitable. So you get high-quality product images in the best quality, which help you to force your sales and set against the ever-increasing competition.

Put your goods and offers in the right light

A good product photography manages to optimally present your products. Poor photos or the images of the manufacturers are often hardly to use and can scare customers in the worst case. For this reason, we have specialized as product photographers in Berlin on the creation of high quality and sophisticated product photographs. We create all images quickly and reliably, thus ensuring an optimized workflow. If you want to photograph your products on your own, this is usually associated with great effort. Who wants to create a product photo, not only requires professional equipment, a good and appropriate lighting and the right background, but also the knowledge of the various photographic techniques for a lively and stylish look of the products. When we create product images, we take all these issues into account and manage to bring your products to life and make them appear desirable. Here, the modern product photography differs significantly from the simple photos of amateur photographers. False shadows, unnatural positioning and poor compositions can be daunting at worst. Added to this is the time required. Because while amateurs usually have to invest a lot of time in a single photo, we can realize large amounts of product photos in a tight time frame. After all, we have been working in the area of ​​product photography for many years and can therefore create the desired images faster and, above all, post-process them professionally. This way, all of your product images are made from a single source and can serve as an identification feature for your shop or brand. We use a variety of different methods and applications, such as hollowman images for fashion photography and matching filters and lighting settings for optimal viewing.

Create vivid product images thanks to Hollowman technology

Especially with garments, it is extremely important that your customers can imagine what the clothes look like on them. The cost of professional models, however, is in most cases too high and can hardly be implemented, especially with large product ranges. If you still want to create a product photo that shows the garments alive and three-dimensional, we offer you the opportunity to create high quality Hollowman pictures. The pieces of clothing act as though worn by a real person, are pleasantly and comfortably padded and thus allow a direct assessment by your customers. Both women and men are equally enthusiastic about Hollowman’s paintings, as they can provide the illusion of easily imagining the garment on their own bodies. And the better your customers imagine and visualize the products, the better the opportunities for a qualified buying decision by your customers. Hollowman images of the highest quality can therefore sustainably improve sales in both online and offline media.

Hollowman pictures: an effective combination of different techniques

The Hollowman Photography is a budget alternative for product photos without expensive models. After all, the prices and benefits of a product photo must be as attractive as possible, so that the effort is worthwhile for the company. But hanging clothes or lying down or even paying royalties for foreign model photos is rarely a good idea. Hollowman images, on the other hand, provide an excellent solution to these problems. The garments are photographed on corresponding dolls, which are then removed by digital post-processing from the image. The non-visible elements of the garments are then inserted into the picture, thus completing the illusion. For the customer, the picture looks appealing and lively. Thus, the most varied garments can be presented alive and promotional. A selection of high-quality and modern product photos can significantly enhance each online shop and every advertising supplement as an offline medium and actively influence the sales figures. You can also have your clothes photographed as lumber. Find out today!

Product photos can convince online and offline

Of course, if you have a product photo created, you can also use it in a variety of ways. After all, not all companies work online and only operate their own online shop. Our product photography works exclusively high resolution and in the best quality. Thus, you can clearly benefit from the quality of the product images and use them easily in the best resolution in print. Whether in catalogs or advertising inserts or even with large posters and other advertising measures: The quality of our product photos is convincing in any environment and puts your products in the best possible light. Digital images of products are extremely flexible and thus offer you the widest possible range of possible applications. In addition, due to the high resolution, the images can be easily scaled and used in a wide variety of media. For example, in your online shop, you can benefit from small yet detailed thumbnails, which can be enlarged to large and full-screen photos on request. This not only lowers the loading time of your online shop, but also convinces the customers by the high level of detail of your product photos. The more vibrant and detailed the products can be, the greater the impact on your potential customers. Benefit from our extensive product photography and be inspired by the great impact of your new product images and catalog photos. You’ll be surprised how much high quality product photography can affect your sales.

The prices of product photography

Many companies argue that prices for high quality product photography are too high. But more closely, our prices are extremely fair and above all extremely transparent. If you had to do all the photos yourself and on your own, you would waste a lot of time and manpower, which would be lost. Nevertheless, the results would not be as convincing as those of a professional product photographer. In addition, there is the digital post-processing of the product images, which must also be considered. If you now consider the quite measurable positive effects of high-quality product images on your sales figures, then the prices for a high-quality product photograph are hardly significant. We are happy to prepare an individual offer for your company, with which you do not have to burden your budget excessively.

Opt for professional results and benefit from our experience

Product photography requires a lot of experience and a knack for design and composition. Just look at different online shops in your industry. Too often, unfortunately, you have to look at badly made product images that are more likely to deter potential customers than to seduce them into buying. When we create your product images, we not only rely on professional techniques and tools, but also rely on our many years of experience in product photography. In close consultation with you as the client, we put your products in the right light and ensure a perfect appearance.
We offer product photography for a wide range of industries and can, if desired, display your entire product portfolio in pin sharp and clear product photos. No matter if your goods are very small, big or if you want to convince with special materials or combinations of materials. Have professional photos of your shoes and accessories created. Our comprehensive equipment and our know-how bring us into the pleasant position of being able to create a wide variety of product photos in a professional environment. Enjoy the effect of your new product photos and enjoy above all the economic improvements and the significantly increasing sales figures through a professional product photography. Whether in offline media such as advertisements or catalogs or in online media, social media posts or in your product catalog: to convince high-quality and uncompromisingly effective product photos on the whole line.
Contact us and let us convince you of our offers. We look forward to welcoming you soon as a customer of our company and to put your goods in the best possible light. As a product photographer in Berlin, we offer you a fast contact and above all a fast and timely creation of your product photos and packshots in the best quality. Rely on our experts on site and enjoy the quick processing of your new product photos by our product photo experts. A powerful product photography on attractive terms is waiting for you.